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La Marmotte training has started in earnest with a 110 km ride out into Essex today. Took the single speed as the other two bikes are now resting in the shed. The Genesis Flyer is a work hack but also does a really good job of eating the miles on a long run.

The weather was amazing; crisp, bright and sunny. Cold enough for two pairs of over socks but more than a hint of warmth in the sun. Getting out for long rides at the weekend is not easy with two kids so I’m taking taking days off during the week to get in the long rides that are needed - one a month until La Marmotte in July. The next ride in Feb will be 160 km as will the other long rides thereafter.

Managed to keep almost all of the ride in zone 2 apart from a few hill spikes - didn’t have the option of shifting gears on a single speed. Average speed of just over 25 kph - exactly the nice and steady pace needed for this time of year.

Another mention for dhb kit. Wore the long sleeve roubaix winds am jacket and bib tights. Both did a proper job of keeping the warmth in along with the knitted rapha belguim hat. A mate said that he’d steered clear of the dhb stuff as it was too cheap. Total rubbish - the kit is top quality despite the really good price. From now on rapha can wait for the sales, preferably the sample sale.

Tomorrow I enter my 40th year…. shit. Didn’t feel a bit of it today, toddling along in the sun. Thank cluck for cycling!

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